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fleurir chocolates!
Photos: Courtesy of Fleurir

Public announcement from Chocoholics Anonymous:

You now face the greatest looming threat to your chocolate-free lives.

There’s a new temptation in town. Pastry chef Robert Ludlow and his fiance Ashley Hubbard create luscious filled sweets that will challenge your fiercest power of refusal. The name to watch for: Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates.

The hazardous confections are made with all-natural ingredients and just hit local markets. The flavors will taunt you: dark chocolate lavender shiraz, milk chocolate Grand Marnier orange blossom, white chocolate carrot cake, and white chocolate coconut lime. Beware — peanut butter banana and lemon honey are coming next.

Avoid the newly launched website at any cost; you’ll customize orders and send to friends with reckless abandon.

They’ll never recover.

Available at Biagio Fine Chocolate, 1904 18th Street NW, between T Street and Florida Avenue (202-328-1506 or
biagiochocolate.com); online at fleurirchocolates.com.

Photo: Courtesy of Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates

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1904 18th St NW
bt T St & Florida Ave
Washington, DC 20009