Grub a Dub

grubby girl bath products!
Photos: Courtesy of Grubby Girl

You’ve got a potty mouth, sling a fair share of mud, and date dirtbags.

It’s time to break clean from your ways.

Start by scrubbing down with Grubby Girl bath products. Owner Amanda Welch harvests herbs and plants from her garden to create salts and soaps that’ll wash your sins down the drain.

Welch named the small-batch blends with a sense of humor. Treehugger soap combines insect-repelling citronella with balsam and ginger. The City Slicker scrub’s coffee scent pays tribute to cube dwellers’ liquid vice. Lavender-based Sleepyhead bath salts leave you droopy eyed and bed ready. And hyacinth-scented Flower Child oil smoothes out your winter skin.

She even raises her own bees to make beeswax lip balm and honey scrubs. The insects are treated humanely — even lovingly.

No need to get into a lather.

Available online at grubbygirl.com.