Nothing More than Feelings

we feel fine!
Photos: Courtesy of Politics and Prose

You can figure almost anything out with the right tools (Google, Wiki, Mom).

But when it comes to deciphering human emotions, you may as well shake the Magic 8 Ball.

Or leaf through We Feel Fine, an easy-to-read collection of feelings. Authors Sep Kamvar and Jonathan Harris compiled the book from their site, which displays anonymous quotes about how people feel in any given scenario.

Sentiments spring to life via pages of user-contributed emotions and accompanying photos. Scientific analysis (how hormones, chemicals, and age affect behavior) and info graphics (maps charting which states report feeling most happy, lonely, or fat) are also included.

You’ll find the expected — joy, love — as well as whimsical musings (“I feel merry just after a storm.”) and twentysomething plight.

Feel it out.

Available online at
politics-prose.com. For more information, go to wefeelfine.org. Read between the lines at our bookshelf.

Photo: Courtesy of Politics and Prose