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salazon salted chocolate!
Photos: Becky Hale / Courtesy of Salazon Chocolate

Hey, y’all. It’s time to get cookin’.

We’re here today to talk about one of my most favorite ingredients (besides butter and ohl): salt.

I get mah fix from Maryland-based Salazon Chocolate Co. — sounds strange, I know. One day founder Pete Truby had him a hankerin’ for a sweet-and-salty combo. So he set down and created three organic, small-batch dark chocolate bars, each with a sprinklin’ of sea salt.

The original flavor is just that: chocolate and salt. The one with turbinado cane sugar tastes as sweet as milk chocolate (don’t be fooled, y’all). Mah personal favorite is the variety with cracked black pepper: spicy, sweet, and salty — a lil’ like myself.

The bars are vegan, too.

Though it’s a lifestyle I highly disapprove of.

Available at Roots Market, 16800 Georgia Avenue, Olney (301-774-1344 or
rootsmkt.com); online at salazonchoc.com.

Photo: Becky Hale / Courtesy of Salazon Chocolate

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16800 Georgia Ave
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