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Lick That Bad Habit at Sugar Addiction Boot Camp

How to Kick the Sweet Stuff


You consume sweets like bad boyfriends (habitually and until you feel ill).

But you can break the cycle with Randi Weissberger’s boot camp for sugar addicts.

During 21 days of one-on-one counseling, the creative nutritionist uncovers your weaknesses (early-morning muffins, daily spoonfuls of Nutella) and triggers (one call from your mother sends you right to the candy stash). Then she creates a quitting time line and develops an intensive custom plan to help you just say no.

Weissberger will also clear your cabinets, arrange for healthy meals, and arm you with simple tricks to distract you from sugar spikes (here’s one: Keep nail polish by the cookie jar and swipe on a coat before you catch your own hand in the chocolate-chip goodies).

Whether you want tough love or some sugarcoating, a cold-turkey approach or the slow wean, she’ll give you the coaching you need, complete with text messages by the week, day, or hour.

Isn’t that sweet?

Randi Weissberger (240-821-9999 or randinutrition.com).

Photo: Getty Images

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