Kari Slansky Faces Off with Your Arch Enemy

She's Good with the Tweezers


They’re loud, messy, and more out of control than your frat boy neighbors.

You need to call 3-1-1 on your eyebrows.

Hand your tweezers over to local brow gal Kari Slansky. The sweet and fastidious aesthetician has a degree in psychology (she understands beauty inside and out) and honed her skills studying under Erwin Gomez.

Slansky will wax, tweeze, trim, and tint those arches to perfection quickly and painlessly. Because she understands shape really well, she can determine what works best for your face and style.

She also does makeup application and lessons — we got compliments on our skin after a trial session. And she’s ready for private or group appointments. Why not turn your beauty regimen into a block party?

Maybe you’ll even inspire the boys next door.

Violet Hair and Skin Care, 1513 Wisconsin Avenue Northwest, between P and Q Streets (202-337-3477 or violetsalondc.com). For an appointment, email karis1028@aol.com.

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1513 Wisconsin Ave NW
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Washington, DC 20007