Taxi Driver Confessions

Taxi Driver Confessions

We Pick the Brains of NYC Cabbies

Dance Moms alone is proof that fact beats fiction. But for real, unedited tales of weird behavior, just ask an NYC cab driver about his average shift.

For today’s video, we did exactly that — and beyond the usual “People have had sex where you’re sitting” anecdotes, the stories were delightful. Among other insights, we found out what grates on their nerves, who leaves the best tips (including one celeb), and why they like their work.

The video is part of our new, ongoing NYC series “On the Job,” in which we ask local service professionals to sound off about the interesting things they experience. The idea came after we asked bartenders for dating advice and realized those guys were troves of info.

Which is way more than we can say about Bachelor Pad.