How to Massage Your Dog

How to Massage Your Dog

Buddha Dog’s Canine Masseuse Shows Us the Proper Technique

Dear Mom,

You think it’s easy dozing most of the day, begging for biscuits, nipping at your heels, and barking at squirrels?

Okay, it is. But that doesn’t mean I don’t want a massage, like the one certified animal masseuse Pam Holt gives to our L.A. editor’s best friend, Agnes, in today’s video.

All it takes is a little kneading and gentle stretching on your part to give me improved flexibility, energy, and overall happiness. Plus, it’ll help my anxiety. (I know I sometimes get a little cray cray when you leave.)

Also, can I have a treat? Please and thanks.


Spartacus Brownie Von Lickety Jones Jr.

P.S. I accidentally humped the cat yesterday.

For more information about Pam Holt and dog massage, go to buddhadog.com.