Christina Courtin's Debut Album

Christina Courtin's Debut Album

Pump Up the Volume

You know the type: beautiful, talented, smart, stylish, and fun to be around. Yeah, they suck.

Or at least we thought they did — until we met musician Christina Courtin, who recently released her trance-inducing, self-titled debut album.

We were positively smitten and today present the delightful mermaid-haired Brooklynite, who studied classical violin at Juilliard, playing with the likes of Yo-Yo Ma, Kanye, and Beyoncé, before transitioning to honky-tonk-inspired singer/songwriter.

The song she’s performing in the video is called “Foreign Country” — and we get goose bumps just thinking about how amazing her voice sounds in person.

You’ll probably wanna punch her in the face.

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