Dye'r Maker

Dye'r Maker

Audrey Louise Reynolds Dyed Goods

For us, life’s a game of do or dye. (Really, have you ever known us to resist a good pun?)

And now that we’ve met Audrey Louise Reynolds, the crafty Carolina-turned-Brooklyn girl who’s name-dropped by colorphiles far and wide, it’s mostly the latter.

In our latest video, Reynolds, who just started selling her hand-dyed shoes, dresses, and scarves at No. 6, shows you how to color your own threads using strawberries. If you’re feeling creative, you can use other fruits and veggies, too. (It’s easy! And it smells good.)

You’re probably already familiar with her handiwork: She dyes for Wendy Nichol and ecofriendly clothing line Bodkin — and does tons of custom orders.

After all, it’s get busy livin’ or get busy dyein’.

Available at No. 6 Store, 6 Centre Market Place, between Broome and Grand Streets (212-226-5759). For custom orders and more information, go to alrdyeing.com.