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What Are Dan's Tips for Flirting?

What Are Dan's Tips for Flirting?

Ask the Office Guy No. 39

Things not to say when flirting: “My six cats would adore you.” “You’re a dead ringer for my dad.” And “Did you see me on Hoarders?”

To perfect our technique, we enlisted token male editor Dan. In today’s Ask the Office Guy roundup, he answers four reader-submitted dating questions: What are your flirting tips (above)? If you’re not initially attracted to someone, should you call it quits? How do guys feel about a girl who hangs out with all guys? And, lastly, what if you hate your date’s shoes?

We apologize to readers whose questions he hasn’t yet addressed (he receives hundreds). In the meantime, his thoughts on what to wear on a first date and when to friend a guy on Facebook should keep you occupied.

And hopefully deter nonstop poking.

Have a dating question you want answered? Email Dan at theofficeguy@dailycandy.com.

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